Dream Art Science is a San Francisco duo with roots in rock and reggae.

Beverly (Chen) Shrieve, who wrote and sang the songs on Hydrogen Burning, was born and raised in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, at Cross Roads and Waltham Park Road, when ska, rock steady and reggae were thriving. Nearby dance hall sound systems pumped loud Jamaican beats into the warm night air.

She left Jamaica to study in New York City. There, at a dance, she met Kevin Shrieve, a songwriter and rock guitarist from San Francisco.

An avid dreamer, she believes songs can bridge the dreaming and waking worlds. She likes to write songs that arise out of dream reality, steeped in dream consciousness.



Kevin Shrieve has recorded albums with his brother, drummer Michael Shrieve (Santana) and German synthesist Klaus Schulze, with bassist Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), and with saxophonist Sam Morrison (Miles Davis) and drummer Narada Michael Walden. He once backed up blues great T-Bone Walker, and toured as lead guitarist in the bands of soul singer Bobby Womack and Japanese percussionist Stomu Yamashta.

His electric guitar is always spiral tuned.

He is compelled to find forms for systems of thematic context that seem like they ought to already be in place, but, alas, are not.

He loves reggae music.








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