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1. Gates of the Duat (4:14) 5. No Place (Song of Atum) (4:06)
2. Hydrogen (3:56) 6. Wizard (5:49)
3. Foundation (6:28) 7. Inundation (4:12)
4. Deep and Strong (5:29) 8. Khepri (Rising Sun) (4:16)
Sampler of all 8 songs (12 minutes)

Click on any title to listen to the song. Right-click on a title to download the mp3 file.

If you buy the CD you'll be supporting our work (there's much more in the pipeline). With it you'll receive a 32-page booklet (“The booklet is amazing!”; “The booklet is like... wow!”) created entirely by us, introducing key elements of the mission we woke up to: the upcoming (starting in 2013) chronovision production Rotundum 1, the Alpha Centauri Channel matrix of the Radion Rainbow, the 26-year Regeneration Rotundum, the lunar-solar COSTAR Spiral Calendar, the very first chronovision quest, the COSTAR Spiral Tuned Guitar, as well as all of the lyrics.

Here is a link to view the 32-page booklet in Adobe Reader (not Mac Preview).

If you get the CD you'll also get two 8.5 x 6 inch cards with the complete Alpha Centauri Channel matrix of the lunar COSTAR Cycles Of Song Theme And Ritual, and the complete chart of the COSTAR Regeneration Rotundum.

Whether or not you get the CD, if you enjoy the music, please let us know.


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