Thank you very much for the CD — it is magical! It certainly transformed my campus office from the moment I slid it into my computer. I hope you will be pleased to hear that I am using it to get the tone and volume of the system in my classroom each morning before the students arrive for my “Art of the Song Lyrics” class... I'm sure the artists in their various studios in the classroom building wonder what that is booming into the air! — track number one from Hydrogen Burning!
Camille Paglia (author, Salon.com columnist)


Mixing in reggae rhythms with smooth soft rock, Dream Art Science are a cerebral mash-up. With beautiful female vocals, these San Francisco natives write compelling songs about dreams and spirituality. Singer Beverly was raised in Jamaica and that’s perhaps where the reggae influences originate while Kevin has had a storied musical background that includes a stint backing up blues legend T-Bone Walker.


Hi ya! Kim & I just listened to your music again in the car the other day and replayed it like 3 times... everytime we got to the end, I'd be like... "shall we get a different CD?" And Kim was like "heck no! Let's hear it again..."
Andrea Dodge - Hornell, New York


I would just like to let you know that your CD has made a permanent place in both my heart and my car; it is very lovely. Also, expect more fans, because, I plan on sharing your music with just about everyone I know!
Stefanie - Scranton, Pennsylvania


I think it's absolutely beautiful! Everything. The songs, the lyrics, Bev's singing, Kevin's guitar playing, the music, the arrangements. The booklet is amazing. The photos are beautiful and the idea behind it (a cosmology?) is terrific.
Jim Murdoch - San Francisco, California


Although Dream Art Science build their music on a reggae foundation, it won’t take long for you to realize that their creations have expanded the definition of the genre in a most pleasing way. The world vibe comes through clearly and is complemented, tweaked and enhanced by Kevin’s tasty guitar work (always spiral tuned), Beverly’s enchanting vocals, cutting edge production techniques and more talent than you can shake a stick at. Hydrogen Burning is nothing short of a dreamy journey across never before seen landscapes.
Guitar Chasers of Texas


Your CD is just awesome... the booklet is just like, “Wow!”. Congrats on such a fine, fine job... I'm just amazed at the energy involved; you can just feel it right off the CD. The music’s wonderful.
Brian Godula - Portland, Oregon


About your music... this is what will take the movement to a higher level, FOCUSED CONCEPT, not just "parroting" all that has been said before... keep up the good work, positive!!!
One Love and JAH Bless,
Jahmark (Jahmark and the Soulshakers) - Los Angeles, CA (J


Sumptuous reggae grooves, melodic, perfectly seasoned guitar, combined with luscious, delectable vocals, blending into savory, well-crafted songs. This is what awaits you as you sit at the table for the feast that is the Dream Art Science debut CD, “Hydrogen Burning”. No worries, the only thing burning at this feast is the trance of the grooves and savory songs. You won’t want to get up from the table after this meal!
Michael Shrieve (drummer - Santana, etc.)


Emhotep Brother and Sister,
I have been looking for music of the ancestors for so long and I like the twist put in there. Very nice.
AnkhIwiEmhotep (Life and Peace be with you)



by the Gods you guys are really good, listening to your tunes makes my Ka come alive
Steven - Arnprior, Canada


Flash! New Culture Discovered

There is nothing simple about Dream Art Science and their music. In fact they may be responsible for creating their own culture, their own language and accompanying religion. It’s because they are from the future. Their album is called Hydrogen Burning...

The tunes on Hydrogen Burning are an unusual mix of reggae rhythms, electronic pulsars and art rock with some good vocals and a thematic slant toward ancient Egypt. Sort of like music from the "Stargate (the motion picture)" culture perhaps. Beverly Chen Shrieve is the vocalist/songwriter who injects the music with her warm contralto and stimulating lyrics. Electric guitarist Kevin Shrieve earned his chops performing with noted artist such as Klaus Schultze, T-Bone Walker and Bobby Womack...

Dream Art Science is in search of the "chronovision production," something that is readily available in the future, but noticeably absent in our time. Hopefully, with their album as a beacon others from the future (that are already here) will take note and join them in their quest. I’m ready to sign up.

If you peruse the included literature you could swear that somewhere there is a decoder ring waiting for you. Honestly, Dream Art Science has created something that will expand like a miniature universe and you can be one of the many who become true believers.
RJ Lannan (The Sounding Board)


I love your CD and spin it every week on 'Stroke the Goddess'. I play Hydrogen, Foundation, Deep and Strong, and Wizard. Thanks for making such great music.
Annie Stillwater Gray (Host - WMHB in Waterville, Maine)


I am blown away! Ancient Egypt is one of my own main sources of inspiration. Your theme alone makes me love you! Then in combination with your unique and charming music and gorgeous vocals the picture is complete. I just LOVE this.
Aleah - Sweden


Awww, now this is music, thank you so much for sharing this with me, the sound is vibrant with life, I love it.
Dark Osiris - San Antonio, Texas


I will add you to the playlist and begin playing you on the show next week. I listened to the 3 songs you gave links to -- love them, great sound and such a wondrous theme/subject. The booklet looks very interesting too.
Ken Clark (Seattle and Beyond podcast)


“Hydrogen Burning” is a really good record! Good songs, we love the reggae mixed with smokin’ guitars. “Wizard” seems to be the early staff fav.
John Ziegler (Program Director - KUMD in Duluth, Maine)


All songs on your release are great... I'm lovin' it dudes... laid back tracks of soft soothing vocals, smooth rock and sensual reggae. What more?
flyingman (Mark Caldwell) (Host - WAWL in Chattanooga, TN)


OH WOW!!! Your music is totally new and refreshing. I am REALLY loving this... Keep up the amazing work!! :) VERY VERY NICE!! :) I am really digging this style -- it is really unique!!!
Amethyste - New Hampshire


This music feels so freaking good! I have been dancing all sexy in my chair for the last 5 minutes... just can't send you enough love...
Andrea Dodge - Hornell, New York


Your music puts me in a happy, happy groove! Much love for you!!
Kim Glover - Southern Tier, New York


this band is soo kick ass... rock guitars, reggae rhythms, ancient egypt. the lead singer has a good voice!
Sa Anupuw (RA Fans.net)


I listened to the first loop on “Duat” and when the reggae started I said to myself, “Ooohhh! Instant Add!”.
Doug Cole (Station Manager - KOCV in Odessa, Texas)

Wow!! I really enjoyed your music, which is an understatement of considerable proportions. Awesome work, I'm very impressed. Gates of the Duat is spectacular!

Brian Smith - Phoenix, Arizona


Very Cool... Love the vocals and the dreamy Reggae.
John Diliberto (Producer/Host - Echoes)


I did receive the CD and really like it. I have already played “Khepri (Rising Sun)” on my Riddims show. I am sure I will eventually work all the songs on the CD into Riddims shows during the weeks and months ahead. Thanks for sharing your music with the people of Alaska.
John Lysen (Host - KUAC in Fairbanks, Alaska)


I have reviewed your CD and it's very cool. I wouldn't exactly pigeon-hole it into any one genre... it seems to cross many and should appeal to a wide variety of listeners..
Karen Larsen (WERU in Bangor & Blue Hill, Maine)


“Hydrogen Burning” was added last week to our program... it is a blast to listen to!.
Eric Cohen (Music Directory - WAER in Syracuse, New York)


Love the CD. Fresh and inspiring! — and the cover art is trippy. Enjoyed all of it.
M. Spencer


Your CD is really great. I’m so excited. I love it, man.
Pamela - New York, New York


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your album. It’s just really great, beautifully done.
Carolynne - San Francisco, California


Love your songs and the vocals are amazing!
Tomas - Gothenburg, Sweden


I really like your centered energy and your beautiful music.
Fania Simon (Yesayah) - Brooklyn, New York


Thank you so much
For reaching out
For utterly beautiful music
And for bringing me home
to my ancient grazing grounds
Krister Linder - Stockholm, Sweden


Very good sounds here. i just love the singer, she is awesome, so sweet. your music is very chill, give a wonderful feeling, how you use the synth and guitars is very ambiental and reminds a lot of eighties, u remind me lot of peter gabriel. all that reggae touch is so beautiful. i am very glad to find so beautiful band and music, i am honored. keep on the good work.
Windmill - Bilbao, Spain


I freakin LOVE your music! Rock on! Very unique.
Christina Bell - Austin, Texas


You guys are awesome. any plans to come to Australia?
elle skies - Melbourne, Australia


Wow!!!! . . . I love the music with all my heart.... fantastic music... MUSIC. . . ALWAYS HAS ROOM FOR ORIGINALITY and u guys are solid. i love da mixture.. Bob Marley would have loved this... Keep rocking
Kalu - Rochester, New York


Great sound -- very smooth and mystical
Orobai - Buellton, California


I absolutely love what I've heard so far. I love when people stray from the typical sound and go for something new and refreshing. . .Thank you again for sharing your creativity and vision. . your music is a blessing.


I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!! it's just absolutely mind blowing amazing!!! Anything that has to do with Ancient Egyptian culture and or mythology rocks my socks. Definitely going to have to order your cds!
Joey - Salt Lake City, Utah


I love it... You guys are brutally right-on.
Will Sayles - Mason City, Iowa


You guys definitely have the most interesting concept... ever.
:-) I like the guitar playing, especially on "Wizard."
Mike - Minneapolis, Minnesota


I'm all about Egypt. Your music is perfectly zen and ambient. Like portishead feel with egyptian flavor! Brilliant.
Gordo - Mineola, New York


Ur music sounds really calm and smooth... somethin u can just like slow dance to, then a bit of a jazzy touch to add some flavor, and then add a pinch of an Egyptian tone to it for deep inspiration, and u've got some good music
Justin - Lewisville, Texas


Your music made my night!!!!!
Ashley - North Carolina


You have such a cool sound! What a great combination of influences! Love it :)
G. Lee - Champaign, Illinois


i love ur music... right now my life is in turmoil and when i listened to your songs i instantly felt uplifted


You guys are absolutly amazing. Your instrumental sound, the vocals, what you stand for -- absolutely everything. I can order the cd from the website, I hope? I love your sound, something I never heard before, and it's beautiful.


i love your sound. and then you add egypt into it and ah, heaven. lol. very nice work. you have all of my support.
Sam - Glendale, Arizona


The dreamiest music, really hipnotic vibes
B. - San Marcos, Texas


hey WOW you guys are amazing I love this concept! How exciting! I will keep listening.
Kat Johnson - London, UK


I really dig your sound, it stays with me. Great stuff!!
B. - Story City, Iowa


Thanks for turning me on . . . you guys really have something.
Nikko - New York, New York


cracking tracks, super voice, and love the Egypt vibe of course! Keep fighting the good fight :)
Shekaphonia - London, UK


i love your music. and you have a magnificent voice.
Daria - Minsk, Belarus


I love your music! especially "Wizard" I think I am hooked on that song.
G. - Sacramento, California


Anabahebic! Loving your music!!!
Kes - Texas


We're on the same wave length, it seems. Such a unique sound... very enjoyable.
Dragon Rose - New Mexico


I love your reggae mix... really cool voice. Nice.
LateBloomer - Norway


very original, great tunes
M. - Massachusetts


I have to thank you... for sharing your awesome music!:)
Smiley - Brasov, Romania


you guys give me good vibes... i dig good vibes. thanks.
kris - Birmingham, Alabama


I love your music and vibes. Very cool! Keep up the good work. Cheers!
Max Vasquez - North Hollywood, California


i really enjoy what you guys are doing! its very fun!
Courtesan - Athens, Georgia


Some years ago, I had the privilege to visit Giza and all the splendors there. The Egyptian Musem in Cairo is wondrous as well. To salute the historic culture with music, is brilliant!
John - Syracuse, New York


I love your vibe!
Margot MacDonald - Washington, D.C.


I really enjoyed listening to your music :) Your songs are not only catchy, but meaningful and that is greatly appreciated!
Katarina Rose - Mountainlake Terrace, Washington


i really enjoy your sound and look forward to seeing you live sometime
Randi Joy - Murcia, Spain


You have a very unique sound, and I like it very much.
Tom Davidson - Brisbane, Australia


lovin your tracks guys
great sound you have there
Guarro - London, UK


VERY nice sound you have there. It's very unique (or to me, anyway), and I LIKE it :)!
The Intrinsic Truth - Lakeland, Florida


Very beautiful music and wonderful sentiments in your music.
Niav - Australia


Your music is beautiful. May The Goddess Bless You.
Tabitha - Polk City, Florida


neoteric. authentic. lucid.
Sometimes Y - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Beautiful sound
Itu - Sydney, Australia


I absolutely love your work! Very global. Keep it up!
Tiger Forest - New Market, New Hampshire


I love the heart and soul behind your music. It's something which isn't very common in music anymore. Also as you say, Egyptian themes. Very unique, very nice!
Khepri - Plymouth, UK


You have such a unique sound... and, of course, an incredibly worthy theme!!!!
Hejira - New York


Your music very tasty for me! A little mazzy star sound mixing reggae grooves with your rock is fantastic.
Ladisz - Veszprem, Hungary


I really like your music. Very new and fresh.
LadyGemStar - Chicago, Illinois


I really like your sound. It's definitely innovative. Keep your heart in it.
Persona Spastic - Lansing, Michigan


Great sound and music!
Great to listen to...
Two Hands - Dortmund, Germany


Love the guitar effects... and the singing
Lorna Bennett - Kingston, Jamaica


So exciting music!!!
Ethnosonic - Hungary


very cool music!!!
april - Arizona


i am loving your tunes
Claire Wyndham - Sydney, Australia


Wow, I am loving your music!!!
Kim Brunner - Minneapolis, Minnesota


Emma Jane - West Dunbartonshire, Scotland


Blessed music yu got going on!
Ras Youth Sounds - Netherlands


Very relaxing - Great stuff.
Lydia Mariner - London, UK


Ur music really chills me out and takes me in2 a different little world of my own! Thanks for making great music!
Samantha Seth - Glasgow, UK


Wow!!. . .Your music is really good and I love your Ancient Egyptian theme as well
Kieran - Melbourne, Australia


Love your music, very mellow!
Stevie Elliot - Dumfries, Scotland


Wonderful blend of vibes
Dina Regine - New York, New York


You have some cool music and the vocals are very haunting! Keep up the great work!
Traci Kennedy - St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada


Hey Dream Art Science. This is cool stuff!
Gretchen Witt - New York, New York


Very beautiful music!
The Chill Conspiracy - Luxembourg, Switzerland


Lovin' tha soulful vibes!
Milo Shade - Aiea, Hawaii


Beautiful music!
Cynthia Lin - Chicago, Illinois


your music is unique, which is interesting!